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"Axis Gatepass is highly effective in managing visitors at the entry points. It has helped us in facilitating more visitors with the same staff and has many advantages over manual system like getting immediate approval before allowing a visitor inside. Data entry is fast and simple because it automatically picks up information about a visitor from the database on subsequent visits. Outgoing entry is also quick and simple with the use of barcode reader.

The reporting is also helpful and gives us information like total number of visitors at any given point of time, statistics on number of users visiting per day/week/month etc."

Ravinder S Dhul
Head - IT Department
Bosch Rexroth (India) Limited

After implementation of Axis Gate Pass System, it has added a lot of value to our security system. Now we can get the details of how many visitors have visited the Plant. We get MIS reports Department wise or Visitors Company Wise.

Now it is an IT Enabled system, before Visitor enters into the Plant our employee can see his picture on his LAPTOP/Desktop screen & can grant the permissions accordingly. Our security can call the visitors if they over-stay inside the plant from the pre-defined time at the time of gate pass generation. We capture all the data related to mobile, Laptop & vehicle of Visitors.

Now we need not maintain the Paper Gate Pass copies & after that updation of the data in excel sheet for MIS. It saves a lot of manual work & we get the correct data as in case of manual chances of error is very high.

We  can see any time how many visitors are inside the plant Department wise with all the details. Our employees are very happy using the same. We appreciate the kind of support is given to us by “SMG Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.”

Jagdip Kumar
DGM-Information Technology
Asia Motor Works Ltd. Bhuj, Gujarat. India.

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The requirement to fortify the Gates is not new. Since ages empires have strived to have strong gates and astute management at the gates. In recent times all businesses require a tab on the visitors and vehicles moving through the gates. The security, visitor observation and vehicle management of activities at the gate is of paramount importance.

Understanding this need we have developed a visitor software application that manages all the activities at the gate like visitor management, vehicle management, contract worker management. The software can be used to print visitor gatepass, vehicle gatepass, long duration gatepass, single day gatepass etc. The gate pass has the option to print visitor photograph and barcode. The barcode is used to mark the exit of a visitor or to identify a vehicle and help in vehicle tracking management.

When a visitor arrives at the gate to meet an employee, his image is captured at the gate using a web-camera and is sent to the employee. The employee can see the visitor photograph and other details and authorize the visitor to enter the organization. We also provide card-scanner that automates the visitor data capture. Just click the visitor photograph, scan his visiting card and send the details for authorization. If the visitor is approved, print the visitor gatepass or badge with visitor photograph and other details that can be customized as per the requirement.

The software has add-on modules like SMS service for one-way or two-way visitor authorization using web-based SMS gateway or by a central GSM-modem. The SMS service can be used to announce visitor arrival on employee mobile-phone. Returnable and non-returnable material gatepass can also be printed using this software. Axis gatepass keeps track of returnable and non-returnable material moving out from the organization. The software not just records and maintains the visitor details but also provides important reports and utilities like - top organization sending visitors, top employees receiving visitors, current visitors, black list visitor and organization etc.

The visitor management software can simply a lot of issues face by the security staff. A lot of important visitor and vehicle data can queried in case of an exception to tack culprits. Please get in touch with our sales staff to have a look at case studies where Axis gatepass software has helped organizations to improve security and vigilance by using a visitor management, vehicle management and contract worker database application

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