AXIS GATE PASS Patch 01-03-2011 Data Version: 63 

1.     New pass format for “Pullman Pass Format”

2.     New pass format for “Excel Crop Pass Format”

3.     Entry gate in the gatepass without authorization.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 23-02-2011 Data Version: 62 

4.     New pass format for “Wishling Woods Pass Format”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 16-02-2011 Data Version: 61 

5.     New pass format for “Wishling Woods Pass Format”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 14-02-2011 Data Version: 60 

6.     New pass format for “TCML Pass Format”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 13-02-2011 Data Version: 59 

7.     New pass format for “TCML”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 11-02-2011 Data Version: 58 

8.     New pass format for “EI2-MGR”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 07-02-2011 Data Version: 57

1.     New pass format for “National Games”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 02-02-2011 Data Version: 56 

1.     New pass format for “EI1-MGR”


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 11-12-2010 Data Version: 55

1.     New Field “AutoAuthorizeIfOffline” in authorization required for such user.

2.     New Field “ShowSecurityinUserList” in parameters To show security in the user list.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 04-12-2010 Data Version: 54  (patch Folder No - 56)


  1. In this patch we have Added a Field of Auto Authorizate  ( If Auto authorize is true then no Authorization Request Message Will Be send To the User. )
  2. We have AutoAuthorize Field In The Import-User   of the  Csv File.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 20-10-2010 Data Version: 53 (patch Folder No - 55)


  1. In this patch we have Show The Long Duration GatePass Visitors IN the Current Visitors


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 20-10-2010 Data Version: 52 (patch Folder No - 54)


  1. In this patch we have work to fetch the User From the Ldap
  2. Add field  of  Date of birth and License Number for Pepsico.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 20-10-2010 Data Version: 50

  1. Adding Gatepass Format for Sriram Alkali




AXIS GATE PASS Patch 28-09-2010 Data Version: 49 (patch Folder No - 51)


  1. In this patch we have work to show the data According to the Site Wise .


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 25-09-2010 Data Version: 49 (patch Folder No - 50)


  1. Create New Pass Format for the  Simplex  Company .


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 14-09-2010 Data Version: 48


  1. Problem Solved Related  TO THE FILTER PROBLEM for the long gate pass.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 07-08-2010 Data Version: 48

  1. Create Gatepas Format for the “Pepsico”.
  2. Problem Solved Related  Spelling Mistake  Occurs while sending the Message.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 07-08-2010 Data Version: 47

  1. Create Gatepas Format for the “NMDC -CISF”,“NMDC -CISF-BLank”,“GENERAL FORMAT”.
  2. Problem Solved Related to the  Windows 7 Card Scanner Image.
  3. Problem solved related to the Forwarded Message was not Response  to the Security.




AXIS GATE PASS Patch 07-08-2010 Data Version: 46


  1. Create New Report for LDME.
  2. Resolved bug in Modifing and Creating contracto.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 24-07-2010 Data Version: 45


  1. Contractor BlackListed in GTK.
  2. Associates Blacklisted in GTK.
  3. Add New Form in Control Center for Blacklisting of Contractor and Associates.
  4. Contractor and Associates can be blacklisted from master also.
  5. Add Simple safety no in Creating of Associates Pass.
  6. Add new Parameter in GTK Required Safety No.
  7. Add New Long Duration Gate Pass Format For Mukund.
  8. Add New Short Duration Gate Pass Format For Munjul Kiriu.
  9. Add New Long Duration Gate Pass Format For Mukund Kiriu.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 05-07-2010 Data Version: 44


  1. Change in GGCL Gate Pass Format.
  2. Problem Resolved in Axis Gate Pass For Merge Company.
  3. Add Parameter for Purpose Read Only.
  4. Create New category Visit Purpose.
  5. Auto Generation Token Number (Continuous and Start Every Day From 1)
  6. Add Parameter for Auto Token Number, Purpose Read Only.
  7. New Format for Mukund of Associates Card GTK.
  8. Add Contract Number in Associates Card.
  9. Stremline Application of GTK.
  10. Change ICONs for Axis Gate Pass.
  11. Change Look and Feel of AGP Upgrade.
  12. Change Look and Feel of AGP Patch Uploader.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 20-04-2010 Data Version: 43


  1. 2 Way SMS for authorization with Modem.
  2. Add Parameter for 2 Way SMS.
  3. Create MFPL Gate Pass Format.
  4. Create GGCL Pass Format For Gatetime keeper.
  5. Create GGCL Pass Format for  AxisGatePass (SGP , LGP).


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 02-03-2010 Data Version: 42


  1. Card Reader Attached.
  2. Gate Wise Card Reader.
  3. Auto Login Problem Resolved.
  4. Change the Look & Feel of each and Every Form for easy user access.
  5. Company Parameter Option Added For : Card Reader.
  6. MUKUND Gate Pass Format Changed.
  7. Visitor Photo Problem Resolved.
  8. Control Center -> Current Visitor Improved.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 12-02-2010 Data Version: 41


  1. 1 Ways SMS Intigration.
  2. Company Parameter Look and Feel Change.
  3. Material Inward / Outward Added.
  4. Material Reprots Added.
  5. Company Parameter Option Added For : 1 Way SMS, Material.
  6. Lockutil Problem Resolved in Setup.
  7. New client Setup is Added for both Gate Time Keeper and Axis Gate Pass.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 03-02-2010 Data Version:  40


  1. Multi site Axis Gate Pass.
  2. Change in Company Parameter
  3. Chang Logo of the Axis Gate Pass.
  4. Photograph Included in Associates and Contractor Information Reports.
  5. Associates Renewal (Multiple).
  6. Associates Print Card (Multiple).
  7. Emp No. Auto Increment is working now.
  8. Two new Associates Card Format is Added

1.       NMDC KD Contact EMP Card Format

2.       NMDC Contact EMP Card Format


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 17-12-2009 Data Version:  39


  1. Resolve the bug in Appoingment Module.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 10-11-2009 Data Version: 38


  1. New Gate Pass Format added for Mukund. (Visitor Gatepass Pre Printed)
  2. Change in previoulsly created Gatepass for Mukund.
  3. Cannot Modify appointment in Gate Pass Entry : Resloved.

4.       Data type error – smallint to tinyint : Resloved.

5.       Operator is unable to modify appointments : Resolved.



AXIS GATE PASS Patch 26-10-2009 Data Version: 37


  1. Total Record Number added in status bar.
  2. Gate Pass – Modify – Showing wrong name. Solved (Mukund)
  3. New Gate Pass Format added for Mukund. (Visitor Gatepass)

4.       Provision for authorized signature and visitors signature on V Gate Pass Format. (Mukund)

5.       User wise appointment history in Appointment Module.  (Right click on Appointment Module and Check Appointment History. Admin can show all the Appointment of all the Users, while non admin can show his / her appointment only.)

6.       Auto number shown in Appointment Module, Gate Pass Entry, Authorization.

7.       On click of Appointment option (In Main Form),  by default show new appointment window.

8.       Solve Bugs in Filter.

9.       Solve bug in “This Week Entry”. (Right Click on Gate Pass Entry, Log Duration Gate Pass, Authorization, Appointment).

10.   Rexorth Gate Pass Format Changed.

  1. New Gate Pass Format added for Mukund. (Visitor Gatepass A6 PRO)
  2. Chage the name of all the gate pass format of the MUKUND.


Gate Time Keeper


  1. New Contract Worker Card Format Added for Mukund.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 25-09-2009 Data Version: 36


  1. New Gate Pass format added for Rexorth Bosch Group.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 03-09-2009 Data Version: 35


  1. Bug solved in import user.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 25-08-2009 Data Version: 34


1.       Dept-wise employee list.

2.       Dept-wise default meeting location.

3.       Short Cut key Problem : solved

4.       Set Server Date & Time in Each Form to dd-MMM-yyyy.

5.       Make change in the Upload Patch. Check Valid date from lock if it is less then current date, then patch will not execute else execute.

6.       Query Time Out Problem Solved (AMW).


Gate Time Keeper


1.       Total Count Column not showing correct figure in Manpower Status report : Solved

2.       We cannot open/view multiple reports at a time : Solved

3.       Date wise & Contractor Wise count of employee. (New Report : Employee Attedence Count)

4.       Short Cut Key Problem: solved

5.       System is not displaying Contractor Register report. Contractor Register & Contractor Information both are Same Report, so  Contractor Register report Removed from List.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 11-08-2009 Data Version: 33


1. NMDC Blank Fomat For the Long Duration Gate Pass.

2.      Add parameter “Purpose Required.  (Affected Forms are Gate Pass Entry, Long Duration Gate Pass , Appointment)

3.      Visitor History : Export To Excel.

4.      Change Format of date in Grid from mm/dd/yyyy to dd-MMM-yyyy


Gate Time Keeper


1.       Add a parameter to show associate details for a particular time limit. (Affect in Punch Time Form.)

1.       Create Detailed attendance report of associates.



AXIS GATE PASS Patch 31-07-2009 Data Version: 32


1. Solve the bug in Filter.


Gate Time Keeper


1. Solve the bug in Print of the Contractor Worker Card.

2.      Solve the bug in Save Contractor.

3.      Solve the bug in Filter.


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 21-07-2009 Data Version: 31


1. Active/Inactive User

2.      Blacklist Company/Visitor

3.      Merge Company/Visitor

4.      Gate Pass with Logo and company address  ( NMDC ) : PLN NMDC 3.75X4 Blank

5.      Provision of signature on Gate Pass printout ( MUKUND ) : MUK VSHGP

6.      Gate Pass Entry person to meet & other person to meet than tab order not working. ( Solved )

7.      Total Visitor Count added to all the reports.


Gate Time Keeper

1. Increase length of PF No., Pan, STAX No., VAT/TIN, WC policy No, License No. ( Contractor and Associates ) to 30 char

2. Fillempdetails errors occurs at the time of associate entry and employee card. ( Solved )

Control Center added. ( Current Employee Form )


AXIS GATE PASS Patch 1-07-2009 Data Version: 30

2.       Added meeting location when printing gate pass without authorization.

3.       Added Import utility in group rights.